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Fuel Success Academy, LLC is a nationwide consulting firm with a passion for professional development and workforce training.  We use the energy of racing to drive organizational excellence. Our management consulting services and our high-octane educational workshops are geared toward ensuring that you and your team are engaging in meaningful collaboration, communication, and planning. We excel at creating highly skilled, competent workforces and growing your talent pipeline for career advancement. Fuel Success Academy, LLC brings a wealth of experience with over 50 years of combined business work experience and classroom facilitation. We specialize in training and business consulting for large and small businesses in Louisiana for a wide range of industries including Hotel & Restaurant industry, Public & Private Education, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas Industry, and Banking.

Unlock employee potential. 

Customer Service

Paying customers today want to be served in way that shows care and consideration. You want your business to be known for its incredible, memorable customer service. So how do you get there? Fuel Success Academy offers workshops, activities, and campaigns to drive your customer service to another level.


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Workforce Development

Your employees have what it takes to thrive. Our workforce development seminars focus on providing them with the tools to grow and develop. If you're business with the drive to enable and empower your team, this option is for you. 

Conflict Resolution

We recognize conflict happens, and it's important for any business to have the tools and confidence to extinguish the fire. Our dynamic workshops geared toward resolving conflict allow you to feel composed when a fire erupts. 

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Team Building

We are stronger together and we have the key ingredients to help your team build a foundation of understanding and collaboration. We have developed our high-energy, dynamic workshops using the crucial parallels between winning teams, effective communication, and excellent performance. 

We align companies to ensure that their corporate culture, strategy, and processes work together to drive organizational excellence.